Cause of Injury

ATV collision onto a tree 100 yards from home. Sean was not wearing a helmet.

Diagnosis - Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

At the onset of injury, Sean spent 22 days in coma in Neuro ICU. He sustained multiple skull and radius fractures, and a collapsed lung. During his 4 month hospitalization, surgeons performed 11 surgeries. Sean required a tracheostomy as he could not breathe on his own. A feeding tube was inserted in his abdomen to provide vital nutrition. After being discharged from the hospital, Sean was transferred to a highly specialized rehabilitation facility out-of-state for an additional 4 months prior to returning home.  


  • retrogade and antograde amnesia (loss of memories of past and present)

  • loss sense of smell and taste

  • low tolerance to hot and cold temperatures

  • fatigue

Impact to Life

Prior to his accident, Sean worked at a law office and attended college. Today, Sean requires on-going cognitive therapy to support his memory. He uses coping strategies and tools to help him remember. Sean's mother quit her job to become a full-time caregiver. The family lives on one income. Sean works as a barista part-time. While Sean had many friends prior to his accident. Sadly, none continued to visit once he was discharged from the hospital. A local support group has provided opportunities for Sean to develop new friendships. 

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Sean, age 19


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